Blog from survivors daughter

Post date: Apr 28, 2012 3:10:03 PM

We would like to share with you a blog written by the daughter of a woman one of our volunteers delivered a tote to last fall.

When breast cancer first came into my life I didn’t realize there were so many support groups that helped new women through it.

After a couple of months of learning about breast cancer I decided to volunteer for Susan G. Komen. I sent in my volunteer application and was quickly contacted by a woman named Sharon. Her email (that I still have) explained that she felt the need to reach out. She told me a little of what she went through and sympathized with what we were going through. At the very end of the email she wrote, “Please give your mom a hug for me…and know I’m sending one to you as well.” Although she was just a name behind an email, to me I felt like she was a good friend. Her words really sunk into me and in that moment I would have gladly snatch up that hug. I choked up and read my mom the email. It was comforting to know that she knew what I felt and that she got through it so we would too.

A couple of weeks later I spoke to Sharon on the phone to go over volunteer information and she told me about different programs offered to women with breast cancer.

One was called, The Sisterhood of Survivors.

As soon as we hung up the phone I googled them and requested for a survivor to come speak to my mom and I at our home. The day rolled around and a pretty woman arrived with a pink tote bag full of brochures, scarfs, beanies, toothbrushes, books, and a bunch of other goods. All information that would be helpful to a new patient. She told us her story and let us ask her as many questions as we wanted. She was a strong woman with a full head of thick hair and no signs that she had ever gone through breast cancer. She inspired me and helped me feel like my mom was going to be just like her one day. My mom as going be that woman giving the tote bag instead of receiving it.

The Sisterhood of Survivors not only do things such as that but they also have luncheons and get togethers. Although most women have family or friends to support them there is something a little bit different about relating to another woman who TRULY knows what they are going through.

This is an amazing group of women and they are helping others feel comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation. They may be strangers, but they don’t care who you are or where you come from… they are women bonded by this one thing in their lives forming them into a sisterhood.

A sisterhood of love, inspiration, compassion, strength, and SURVIVORS