Charyce's Promise

Post date: Oct 27, 2011 3:27:50 AM

Charyce's PromiseAcrylic on fabric48"x36


Leslie Batty met Charyce a year ago, October 2010, just before Leslie's bi-lateral mastectomy due to a breast cancer diagnosis. They were both 39 at the time. They met at Leslie's downtown art studio and Charyce came with a bag full of good info and some creature comforts to get Leslie through the ordeal. Charyce shared her recent experience with surgery, chemo, and more surgery and told Leslie everything was going to be okay. What struck Leslie most, more than anything, was Charyce's genuine heart to help her get through it. She was consistent, real, funny -- and it was very clear -- really cared and wanted to help. They became fast friends.

Over the months, Charyce would call and check on Leslie and answer her my random questions, e.g. "What kind of pajama's should I take with me to the hospital?" Answer: "The kind with a zipper down the front." With her deadpan sense of humor always intact, she has never failed to remind Leslie of important events and luncheons, making sure Leslie was informed Making sure she felt valued.

During a recent Young SOS dinner, Leslie asked Charyce how she got into doing this work. She recalled a moment in her experience with cancer when she made a promise to God that if He healed her, she would help others. Many people make promises to God when they're sick, but Charyce has followed through with a kind of gratitude and love for life that can only be the real thing. I want to honor her faithfulness and true heart by donating a painting of her to our fundraiser. May we all follow her example of love!

We received wonderful news Friday, California Oncology will feature this lovely painting September 19 - 23, 2011 in their waiting room at in their office located at 6121 N Thesta Ave, Fresno, CA 93710, 559-428-7390. This is a wonderful opportunity for Sisterhood of Survivors. Information on the fundraiser will be available.